Global Dairy Price Assessments

Independent and Transparent determination
of prevailing world dairy commodities market forward prices and trends.

Reasoned combination of SMP and Butter
“cash” and “forward” prices with “available for export Volumes”
in US, EU and NZ markets; 
it is the unrivaled support for supply sourcing and marketing, production cost efficiency,
risk management, investment capacity.
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OBSERVATION as of Novembre 20th


After continuous upsize adjustments, last November 6th Observation shows rallying prices expecting a further +10% rise over the next 4 months period. Novembre 20th observation confirms the trend until March next year.
No bearish signs are, presently, expected.

Protein markets appear a little more nervous: after a first boost in end August, prices have been quite stable for more than a months re-boosting again over the last 45 days. Nov.20th observation confirms a price leveling up to March next year on high side.

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